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Alicia’s career began on the surprisingly friendly streets of New York City freelancing at places like Deutsch and DDB while eating her body weight in sushi. She then headed out west to TBWA/Media Arts Lab where she wrote for the iconic Mac vs. PC campaign, worked on countless iPod ads (one of which, she actually danced in), and oversaw the iPhone group teaching the world, “there’s an app for that.”

With a bunch of awards under her belt she came to RPA where she worked on the winning pitch that helped retain the Honda account (and 30 year relationship) after it went into review. She continued to produce even more award winning work (if you care about that stuff) that helped grow the Honda brand as well as Tempur-Pedic and La-Z-Boy while simultaneously increasing their sales and stock prices.

Alicia is a problem solver, idea generator, manager of teams and builder of brands. She believes that the business is just as important as the creative, but great creative is what truly leverages the business. She once took a test online that said she used exactly 50% of her left brain and 50% of her right—and those tests never lie.

Alicia still eats ungodly amounts of sushi, and should probably get her mercury levels checked.


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